CLAS is committed to pairing top-notch customer service with thoughtful technology to create the best solutions for our clients. We have developed a suite of web-based systems designed to help clients streamline their internal processes, achieve greater accuracy, shorten turn-around times and reduce due diligence costs.
A paralegal orders corporate documents for her client using the CLAS InfoPro™ System

CLAS InfoPro™ Workflow Management System

All CLAS clients have access to a full-service, online workflow management system to place and track service requests, retrieve completed orders, access historical invoices, respond to alerts from a Service Representative and gain one-click access to the DIY Search™ and UCC eZFILE® systems.

CLAS InfoPro™ is highly secured, password protected and fully supported by our staff of friendly, knowledgeable Service Representatives.

A client uses the DIY Search System™ to perform a UCC search from his laptop in a coffee shop

Online DIY Search System™

Users enjoy anytime, anywhere access to perform UCC and lien searches using the most accurate, current state-direct data available. Flexible search logic enables searchers to identify name variations and uncover difficult to locate liens.

UCC and Lien Search System Features:

  • Searching by Debtor Name or File Number
  • Truncated Name Searching
  • Wildcard Character
  • Sorting and Filtering Tools
  • Printable Similar Name Report
  • Downloadable Document Images
  • Saved Search History
  • Instant Invoicing
A credit analyst calls a colleague with the results of a Patriot Act search she performed through the DIY Search System™


Online UCC Filing and Portfolio Management System

With the CLAS UCC eZFILE® system, users can prepare UCC filings and submit them electronically in over 40 jurisdictions nationwide. Filing your UCC Financing Statements and Amendments electronically not only improves the turn-around time for filing acknowledgement, it also helps prevent indexing errors and reduces your UCC filing costs.

Coordinating multi-jurisdictional filing projects is a breeze with the help of UCC eZFILE®. Filings can be combined as a project to be prepared, submitted and managed as a group. Users create a master project filing, and then edit only jurisdictional specific information, saving time and reducing the risk of drafting errors.

UCC eZFILE® is designed to help users Save Time, Save Money and Stay Informed.

Features to Help You Save Time
  • Personal Libraries: Save debtor and secured party information and standard collateral descriptions for future use
  • Global Amendments: Prepare, draft and submit UCC3s for multiple UCC1 Financing Statements simultaneously
  • Personalized Filing Defaults: Reduce repetitive typing by automatically populating secured party information
Features to Help You Save Money
  • E-filing: Reduce your UCC filing fee in many jurisdictions by submitting documents to the filing office electronically
  • Requirements Validation: Rely on electronic validation to ensure your filing meets state-specific requirements
  • Human Eye Review: Trust our highly trained UCC experts to review your filings to catch potentially costly filing mistakes
Features to Help You Stay Informed
  • Continuation Alerts: Receive free automated email alerts as UCC Financing Statements approach their lapse date
  • Customized Reporting: Create and export custom reports, including full portfolio details and on-demand continuation reports
  • Company-wide Filings: View and track all filings generated from your location with shared access to company-wide filings